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Great Mosque Hassan II
The old center
Central Market

The corniche and its kms of beach on the Atlantic

Many restaurants

Sidi Abderrahmane, the mysterious island


– Morocco Mall: Galeries Lafayette, FNAC etc. .. and ice rink, aquarium, many restaurants

– Anfaplace recreation, dining, shopping, 5 minutes from the Casablanca Hotel Lido

– The habous for Moroccan crafts
Casablanca the unknown

Casablanca (the white city) is by far the largest city in North Africa and the economic and financial capital. With over 4 million inhabitants, the city is the first business center in the country, the first port and the first academic center. Since the nineteenth century, it has continued to grow, which is a problem of urbanization. We build too much and Casablanca is not immune to the social differences between the luxurious neighborhoods and slums. It will, however, live with its climate, sea, its gardens, its tradition and modernity in constant opposition.


If you have rented a car, pay attention to traffic. it rolls quickly and pedestrians do not necessarily attention.  Prefer small taxis if you do not have to leave town.


Apart from traditional shops where prices are fixed, you will haggle for lower prices, particularly in the Medina markets and souks. Do not hesitate to go much advertised price.


Casa is the city business par excellence. It is the place of passage for Morocco. Through its international airport serving live most major cities of the world, its commercial harbor, many banks and financial services, Casa represents 65% of the country’s economic market.


Day, police surveillance is omnipresent and Casablanca guides have a sense of hospitality and politeness.

Like all big cities, there is insecurity and crime in some outlying districts isolated and sometimes at night in the old Medina.


Casablanca is under an oceanic climate. Unlike the interior, the temperature differences are lower between winter and summer (12 ° C to 27 ° C during the day)


– 2 hours ahead in summer. If 14 hours in Morocco, it is 16 hours in France
– 1 hour difference in winter If 14 hours in Morocco, it is 15 hours in France


I1 euro = about 10 dirhams
Tickets from 20 to 200 dirhams
Parts 0.1 to 10 dirhams.


This is Arabic but many speak French or have at least some knowledge.


Between public and private hospitals, general practitioners and specialists, radiologists, dentists, gynecologists, medical laboratories and pharmacies, you risk nothing. The emergency response are also of a good standard. There are also almost all current medications. Cosmetic surgery also has an important place in Casablanca.


– RABAT 1h highway

– EL Jedida 1h highway, do not miss the Mazagan and casino.

– MOHAMEDIA and course 1/2 hours of highway